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Why Neon Signs Are Gaining More Popularity 


Unarguably eye-pleasing and charming, neon signs have changed our outlook to look at things. Their striking glow brings a vibrant and colorful look to every space. And there is no surprise why custom neon signs have become the latest trend on Pinterest and Instagram.


The cheerful glow of neon signs that once lit up the streets of Las Vegas has made a spectacular comeback. Having accomplished commercial popularity in the first half of the 20th century, the lighting of neon signs became dim in the 1960s. However, with the massive surge in popularity, the alluring neon signs have managed to reach our homes and have made a special place in our hearts.


The History Of Neon Signs And How It Has Evolved

In the past few decades, neon has carved its way from science lab experiments to the dizzy streets of famous cities like London and Las Vegas, brightening some of the most prominent buildings in the world’s most famous cities. Today, You can find neon signs in stores, cafes, bars, occasions, and even homes. But how did it all begin?


Neon originated into the world as a high-end item, with the first neon sign sold in the United States of America for thousands of dollars. In the era of the ’60s and ’70s, its bright red glow became synonymous with shady and less reputable regions of the world; however, as time passed, it developed from just a medium for signage to a form of art. Nowadays, everyone from notable musicians, elite architects, celebrated artists to prominent business people use attractive and colorful custom neon signs to create eye-catching works of art that you can leverage in a million ways.



Top Reasons Why Neon Signs Are Gaining More Popularity

There are plenty of reasons that account for the massive growth in the popularity of neon signs. Some of those include:



  • Works As A Luminous Decor Pieces: Neon signs offer a nostalgic vibe and remind us of the time gone by. And at the same time, the energy of the neon lights aligns perfectly with the vibe of 2021. Having been compelled to stay inside has made people experiment with the interiors and add vivid hues into their interiors. What can be better than neon signs? It is a simple way to revamp your space and make you feel like you’re having a good time in a dimly lit bar. For anyone who wants to add a candid burst of color and light, neon signs will offer a unique and edgy vibe. You can incorporate them into your creative space to accomplish a retro look or place them in your home setting to give it a soothing touch. They make perfect decor pieces for creating the 70s themed interior design that reminisces the disco era.  


  • Energy-efficient And Eco-friendly: Are you having second thoughts about placing neon signs because you’ve been concerned about a huge electric bill? Then you got it all wrong. Neon lights employed in neon signs are considerably more energy-efficient and cost-effective than your bare light bulbs. You would be surprised to know that neon uses less than 50% electricity. Thus, neon signs are the best eco-friendly alternative to reduce your carbon prints.


  • Make Restaurants And Bars Lit: There was a period when people believed that you could use neon signs only for outdoor advertising, and even today, we find neon signs abundantly outside the restaurants and drinking shops. However, restaurants and bars have been exploring for a while, and today, you will find glowing and vibrant neon signs gracing the indoor space of many eatery places. It is no longer exclusive to attract potential customers; it is portrayed as a piece of art in several cafes and diners. Some even have them placed in the washroom areas for a quirky and fun vibe.


  • Ideal Advertising Solution: Being cheap and outstanding in making an excellent first impression, neon signs have lived in business industries for more than a century. Every day, many colorful custom neon signsthroughout the town can be found effectively, luring customers and increasing brand visibility in public places, making it a perfect advertising solution for high-end brands.


  • Long Lifespan: As stated earlier, Neon signs are exceptionally energy-efficient. Therefore they also tend to have a significantly longer lifespan. Generally, neon signs last for ten years, and all the components employed in the signage can be effortlessly repaired or replaced. If properly maintained, neon signs can even last as long as 20 years. And it is a proven fact that neon signs are much more economical and need far less maintenance.


  • Life Of The Party: Neon can be used as a whole theme in itself, and it can also work best in enhancing your music. A simple placement of a neon sign can change the entire look and feel of the space. The luminous energy has a welcoming feel to it that emits a welcoming feeling. It can transform any dull living space into a party zone.



  • Perfect For Every Occasion: You can use neon signs on any occasion, and they are suitable for all outdoor events. It can genuinely revamp any event, be it weddings or bachelorette parties to business cocktails and charity dinners. Neon signs are a great way to add a personal touch, and your guests are bound to fall in love with them.


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