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How Much Does a Custom Neon Sign Cost?

How Much Does a Custom Neon Sign Cost?

Neon signs are one of the few things in this world that manages to be futuristic and old school at the same time. Whether you're advertising the world's best cup of coffee, putting your new married name on a custom light-up sign, or wanting to look at your mantra up in lights, a custom neon sign may be more affordable than you imagine. Let's go on a lit adventure together.


One second: Unsure of whether you want a custom neon or custom LED sign? We've got an article for you to help you decide.


What are Neon Signs Used For?

Can you picture Harrison Ford looking weathered and downtrodden with neon signs in the background? You may be remembering the iconic visual design of 1982's Blade Runner. Custom neon signs aren't just for the movies though, some other excellent usages of the not-so-humble neon sign are:


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  • Wedding Design: a custom neon sign for your wedding is a unique and fun photo backdrop. How about having the sign highlight your family motto or name?


Bonus: hang your custom wedding neon sign front and center in your married home as a way to remember your special day.


How Much Does a Custom Neon Sign Cost?

Custom neon signs are one of those things that feels expensive, but just how much does it cost to see your design up in lights?


With quotes for custom neon signs varying wildly, we wanted to give you an idea of how much a good-quality neon sign will set you back.


Depending on your design's size, they can absolutely get costly, but some sizes are surprisingly affordable—a fabulous, unique present for the favorite trendsetter in your life.







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Are you after more than just numbers? No problem, your creativity can be boundless with 30-inch neon signs featuring everything from car designs to animals.


For your hard-earned money, you get:

  • free worldwide shipping
  • a high quality, hand-made neon sign
  • nine color options to create the right vibe
  • a variety of fonts to suit your mood and needs
  • the knowledge that you've purchased a distinctive, unique piece


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