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Why Custom Neon Signs Are So Popular and What you Should Know About It

Neon signs are one of the most influential marketing tools. Business people who have already appreciated their impact are unlikely to give up the opportunity to light their business up. Are you looking for some ways to attract the attention of customers and make yourself known? Do you need a new positioning for your business, or do you just strive for diversity and want to keep up with the times? Do not have any doubt that neon signs do work in all these cases.
If you are not in the club yet, then you have probably thought about the expediency of ordering and buying custom neon signs. The reflections on the result and the effectiveness of all the marketing means are quite natural for a proprietor, but for this, indecision makes sense no longer. Years of successful application allow us to judge that neon signage is one of the surest ways to attract attention. Do you need stronger and more transparent arguments? OK, let's find out what makes custom neon signs so popular.

Why neon signs are so in demand today

You may get the impression that you may find custom neon boards at every turn today. And you will not be far from the truth! The neon light is persistent, steady, and visible even through dense fog and haze. That is why custom signs with this inert gas inside welcome guests when someone wants to become as visible as possible regardless of the weather. Of course, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, and beauty salons come to mind first. However, vital institutions prefer neon signage as well. And here we mean railway stations and airports.
As you can see, a custom neon sign is a win-win option in order to draw somebody’s attention, and if this tool is not yours yet, it's time to act! And if you need even more reasons, let's talk about the unconditional benefits of neon signs. We believe you will order your first board after that!

They help to make a statement

Neon signs usually come in handy if you are just entering a business, have moved it from one place to another, or are in search of something new to attract more customers. The variety of design options for signage is amazing today, and you just have to decide on the most suitable option. Your choice may depend on the characteristics of your brand and your own imagination.
So, for example, you can choose a classy logo or picture if you want something alluring and intriguing for your cafe, beauty salon, club, and so on. However, sometimes, business tends to declare itself just from the very signboard, so text-based neon signs remain the most popular solution and promise a great hit.
Today, a huge number of fonts, sizes, and colors of neon letters are available to you, and it would be too rash not to take advantage of all this.

They give more customer focus

The major target of almost any business is to give people what they really want and love. From this point of view, a custom neon sign becomes a very powerful technique! When your customers easily find you thanks a neon sign or pay attention to it at first sight, even if there are many other statements nearby, this is not just luck, but an effective marketing result. People prefer to see what is bright, beautiful, intriguing... and, of course, easy to read! A neon sign can hit it all with a shot.
This quality of neon boards is achieved due to the saturation and resistance of the inert gas. When it glows, it becomes noticeable from afar and even in bad weather conditions. Today, consumers are used to getting the best and fast, and when they see what they don't need to peer through glass, plastic, or fog, a direct path to their loyalty is already open.

They are extremely easy to install

While other businessmen are spending money on specialists to install signs with hourly pay and looking for opportunities to connect the backlight, you are already here with your neon sign! Indeed, its construction is very adaptive, and this means that a huge number of connection options are at your disposal. Choose the one that is the most convenient, safe, and energy-efficient, and your neon board will glow through all the obstacles and competitions very soon!

They are energy efficient and eco-friendly

Custom neon signs meet all modern requirements for reducing energy consumption and taking care of the environment. When it comes to these boards, you cannot sacrifice either brightness or aesthetics, because all of this is already embedded in neon lamps:

  • They consume about 60% less energy than most other illuminated boards—only LED modules have managed to bypass neon from this point.
  • This is a real balm for the souls of businessmen who are rational in forming a budget and for whom large electricity bills are undesirable and unacceptable.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint through the use of neon signage will be your valuable contribution to the environment.

Another small but tangible bonus is that you save money on night lighting. You don't have to think about installing lanterns or anything like that to make your establishment noticeable in the dark, because a neon sign will replace a dozen street lamps or even more.

They serve for years

Durability is another curtsey towards custom neon signs. The board itself can attract attention for five or more years without major repairs, but do not forget to maintain the construction in a timely manner and change the lamps as they wear out. If you take care of your sign properly, it is unlikely to fail in the coming years. At least the lamps will remain intact, as problems with neon signs are usually connected to faulty wiring or bad weather conditions.

They are safe

This point is somehow a side benefit, but if it comes to moving the sign or the need to remove debris from its surface quickly, it will come to the fore at once. Here we mean the heat resistance of neon signage. It stays cool even if it works for a long time. The reason is the absence of a filament in neon lamps. It is this part that provides the glow in other light bulbs. However, it is accompanied by a high temperature and the inability to touch the lamp. The custom neon sign will make you forget about it.


Custom neon signs have shown their ability to be the center of attention and attract your clients-to-be. If you do not want to get lost in the crowd of competitors, prefer effective marketing tools, and are reasonable in planning your business expenses, a neon board will meet all your expectations! And if you are already looking towards this solution with confidence, design development is the only step that you have left to do.