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What Are Neon Signs and Where Can You Use Them

A few decades ago, many people believed that the trend for neon signs had disappeared from the urban landscape. However, the scenario is quite different now, as it appears that neon signs are starting to show up in the forefront once again. Custom neon signs showcase the vibrant visual aspects that give an object a unique aesthetic quality. They are luminous, vibrant, and intricately crafted. And because of their enormous versatility, You can use them just anywhere.


This article features everything you need to know about neon signs: what do we mean by neon signs and how you can use them in your daily life.


So let's begin!


What Are Neon Signs?


Neon is the 5th most abundant element in our world. However, it wasn't until 1910 that people began utilizing this material to develop stunning lighting. Popular Chemist and Engineer George Claude redid the neon tube in a way that You can use it to produce illuminated advertising signs. A few more decades in and neon signs could be seen everywhere, from business and commercial advertisements, billboards to art and decor. You can find neon signs around.


In the signage industry, A neon sign is used as a lighting display built of glass tubes that have been crammed with gas and molded into the shape of different letters and designs. When an electrical current is passed, the gas tubes emit glowing light. Initially, neon gas was used in these signs. However, several other gases were also used to emit light. These gases, along with various colors and phosphor layers for the glass tubes, generate a range of over 50 gorgeous shades.


Today custom neon signs are used almost everywhere. It can be used as a small advertising sign for a significant business brand or as sophisticated as a multi-story facade on a Las Vegas casino. The uses of neon signs are endless and infinite.


Where Can You Use Neon Signs?


  • Neon Sign For A Bar Or Restaurant

As an entrepreneur, your reasons for purchasing a neon sign for your bar or cafe could be for advertisement purposes or simply just for some awe-inspiring decoration to attract customers. Hanging neon signs in front of the restaurant has become a popular trend in past years, and you could be missing out if you don't give it a try. Neon signs in pubs and diners are usually used for attracting customers to enter and offer them a relaxed and calming vibe while they are at it! With striking colors and an inimitable glimmer, a neon sign works as an incredible backdrop for your nightclubs and bars.

You can hang your customized bar neon sign at the entrance to make your place appear more welcoming to passers-by. For instance, a customized neon sign stating happy hours or the star dish from the menu you serve can be a brilliant way to lure customers.



  • Neon Sign For An Office Studio

Customized Neon signs are becoming more and more common as office studios modernize themselves and firms begin adopting new means of operating. Many custom neon signs for office studios include creative neon signs for displaying the company's logo or conveying the brand's motto, perfect for encouraging staff members and delivering a clear message to customers.


However, hanging a custom neon sign in an office must be thought about carefully; after all, you want to convey the right message and place it somewhere everyone can see it but don't necessarily want it to become a distraction! You can hang it in the hallway or the reception area for everyone to notice when they enter the building, or you can even place it on the wall of the main office floor to give it an encouraging and motivational vibe.


  • Neon Signs For Your Home

Getting a custom neon sign for your home is a beautiful way of giving an artistic and aesthetic vibe and character to your home. You can easily incorporate them into every corner. It could be your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even dining room. Neon signs can help to set the vibe of your room.

However, it can be a bit difficult to decide where to place it. Therefore, make sure to assess which room could benefit from some extra lighting or appear a little plain in its décor.


Custom Neon signs for homes can come in many shapes and sizes; the most famous include popular quotes and family member names that make your home so much more homely and inviting.


  • Neon Signs For Photoshoots

Neon signs are perfect elements that offer a stand-out quality to your image when creatively placed. Suppose you wish to add a distinct pop of color and a relaxed, vibrant vibe to your photos. Neon signs are perfect for you. You can use custom neon signs in your pictures through portraiture. The vast range of different colors they can emit cast a magical, alluring glow on your model's skin.


You can take advantage of the damp light and bright contrast they create to accentuate selected parts of your subject's face or body by having them stand in front of it. Just be sure that its light is bright enough to adorn your subject from a length. Since customized neon signs themselves look great in pictures, you even have a choice to include them in your frame as a backdrop or a prop. You can have your subject stand next to them and let them bathe in the dazzling glowing lights. Custom Signs that illustrate famous symbols or words can also give extra context to the message behind your photo.


Additionally, neon signs are ideal for Wedding photos that are all about conveying love, joy, and intimacy, so what better way to display that message than with custom neon signs? They not only make your ceremonies more colorful, but they also offer a dreamy whimsical vibe to traditional wedding photography. It adds a fun and personal touch to your special day.


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