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Top- Notch Tips for Choosing the Perfect Neon Sign

If you've decided that a neon sign would look great in your house, office, or even at an event, you've made a great decision! Neon signs can be used in various environments, giving a splash of color and light to any place. But you'll have to make a lot of decisions before you can pick up your freshly crafted sign! GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS can work with you to ensure your custom neon sign is exactly how you imagined it, but there are a few things to consider before you begin the design process.

After all, you don't want to purchase an excellent neon sign to find out a few weeks later that it would have been better in a different color or shape! So, if you're thinking of making a neon sign with GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS, here are some tips on things you should consider first to increase your chances of success.

  1. Consider Your Space

When purchasing your neon sign, one of the first things to consider is your available space. If you have a huge wall to cover with neon lights, this is the way to go. Then you'll need a large sign that's around 40 feet long. If you have a limited amount of space, you can use a smaller sign (about 10 to 12 feet long). The main idea is that it will better the larger the wall or space on which the light will be placed. Then the larger neon sign must be installed.

  1. Type of Neon Sign You Want

A neon sign may symbolize various things, and GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS uses a variety of materials to help create unique designs. Take some moments to learn about the various types of neon signs that are available. For example, they can produce neon on print, which comprises a printed background with neon fixed to the front. They can also make neon infinity boxes and neon mirror boxes, eye-catching additions to any space.

The type of neon sign you select can significantly influence the final appearance, so browse their selection and see which one appeals to you!

  1. Be Aware of Your Backing Options

Neon signs are connected to a backdrop to make installation easy while still offering the perfect finishing touch. Acrylic casings or panels, available in white, black, or transparent, are the most basic backing alternatives. However, if you want to be more creative with your background, you can do so.

You can choose to add a printed background to your neon sign with a favorite photograph or logo, which can add a personal touch to the finished sign. They have also added neon signs to artificial foliage backings and wooden panels, adding an extra wow factor to your design. If you've got a specialist backing, you'd like to use, just let them know.

  1. Choose a Design

The design you choose for your neon sign could be heavily dependent on a particular theme that you have in mind. So, it may be worth remembering where your neon sign will hang once it’s ready; will it go with the rest of the room? Will it match the theme perfectly?

You can add a printed background to your neon sign with a favorite photograph or brand, which will give it a more personal touch. Neon signs have also been applied to artificial flora backings and timber panels, giving your design an extra wow appeal. Let them know if you have a specialist background you'd want to employ.

  1. Select Your Color

The color of your neon sign can have a huge impact on its overall appearance. There are around 40 different colors to select from, so think carefully! You could match or contrast the color of your neon sign with the existing décor in the area, allowing it to stand out in any manner you like.

Over the years, red and orange have been the most popular and classic colors, producing a vintage style. Neon gas produces a red color, but argon gas produces the majority of other colors. There are many colors to select from, so take your time and consider which one would look best. Consider where your sign will be presented, as well as the space's existing color scheme and which color would genuinely make the design shine!

  1. Choose Your Size

Depending on your preferences, custom neon signs come in several sizes. GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS has just as much expertise with small, intricate designs as it has with large-scale signs. It's critical to pick the appropriate size for your neon sign because it will affect the entire appearance.

Be sure to measure the space that it will be displayed to ensure it will fit, and ensure it is big enough that it can be seen clearly! After all, there’s no point choosing your favorite quote and having it made too small to see from a distance. Your neon sign should be a great focal point and create an eye-catching feature as soon as you walk into the room.

  1. Think About Your Budget

Once you've decided to buy a neon sign, you'll need to determine exactly how much you want to spend. It can help you during the design process by ensuring that you do not pay your entire life's money by accident!

The cost may vary based on the color, size, and kind of backing you choose. So think about your financial situation. Having a realistic estimate of how much you want to spend on a neon sign will aid you in selecting the right design to meet your requirements.

Now it’s Time to Choose the Perfect Neon Sign from GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS!

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