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Neon Sign Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Know 

Custom neon signs come in all shapes and forms, and you can get a beautiful sign made in any colour of your at an affordable price. The popularity of neon signs isn’t going down anytime soon, which is why you need to know how to take care of them properly.

Compared to more traditional sources of light, neon signs use up way less energy and are easier to take care of. However, easy maintenance does not mean that you should stop taking care of it entirely. If you want your neon sign to last for well over a decade, we have got you covered.

Read on to know more about maintenance tips for a custom neon sign


Six Neon Sign Care and Maintenance Tips


  • Pick the Right Sign

 If you are looking forward to bringing home a brand-new neon sign, you must be already aware of the fact that these signs are incredibly long-lasting. However, you shouldn’t just pick any sign. Here are some things that will play an essential role in your decision making:

  1. Can others reach the sign easily?
  2. Is the sign going to be placed in an area that receives a lot of traffic throughout the day?

If the answer to the questions mentioned earlier is yes, you are better off getting clear acrylics cover for your sign. Neon signs may be easy to touch and less prone to harm, but it contains glass nonetheless. So, it is better to use a clear, protective cover if your sign has been placed in an area that receives many people throughout the day.


  • Set It Up in a Safe Place 

Don’t just rush to install the sign after you get your hands on it. It is better if you already have a place in mind before you even get the sign. Also, a custom neon sign is made of glass and are prone to breaking. As affordable and convenient neon signs are, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should also install it in such a place that is beyond the reach of kids and pets. The latter may suffer grave injury if they crash into a neon sign by accident. If you are getting one customized sign for a bar, install it in such a manner so that your customers do not bump into it or knock it over. Additionally, you should also get a protective cover.


  • Don’t Unplug the Sign Unless Necessary 

As long as you aren’t cleaning the sign, you need not toy around with the plug. It is because constantly turning it on and off results in many wear and tear and can effectively damage your neon sign. You need not worry about electricity consumption as neon is much more energy-efficient than traditional sources of light. You will have to pay a measly 20 cents for keeping the sign turned on throughout the day. In addition, these signs are lukewarm or cool to touch and do not pose any fire risk.


  • Handle with Caution 

Gas-filled glass tubes are unique to neon signs and need to be taken care of cautiously and diligently. If you have ordered a new sign and it comes over, make sure to open the packaging carefully without causing any damage to the sign inside.

You should also monitor the glass tubes for any cracks or damages. Once you have successfully assured its quality, you should go ahead and install it in a safe space. If you wish to unplug the sign and move it somewhere more convenient, do it with care.

Please remember that glass tubes can be fragile, and even the tiniest of contact with a hard surface can leave it broken beyond repair.


  • Get Rid of Bugs 

Outdoor signs such as signs in shops and bars tend to attract bugs. The latter are attracted to bright-coloured things and can be a huge nuisance to your customers. Moreover, they can also effectively block the beautiful sign, which is why you need to get rid of them.

You can bring home a bug zapper or a mosquito trap to keep these bugs away. All you need to do is install them close to the source of the bugs. For instance, mosquitoes are most likely to come from sewage or drainage areas. So if your neon sign has become a popular haunt for these insects and there is a drain nearby, you know where to get the trap installed.


  • Clean It with Care 

Neon signs are well-regarded for being convenient and easy to maintain. However, they still require cleaning from time to time. Otherwise, you will have to invest in a new one way too fast.

Neon signs can accumulate dust based on the amount of traffic they receive. For instance, a bar sign can become dusty quicker than a neon sign installed as a decorative item in a home. Therefore, please make sure to unplug the sign before you start cleaning.

You can use a duster to clean up all the dust and grime accumulated over time. If you can’t reach the small crevices easily, make use of a small brush. Please do not ignore these small areas as they are likely to have more dust and grime than other areas.

If your sign is dirtier than you expected, a thorough cleaning is necessary. After you unplug the sign, you will have to use a concoction made out of water and soap to clean the sign effectively. Please ensure that the cleaning ingredients do not contain any ammonia as it can damage the glass tubes. After you are done cleaning, you can wipe it using a clean cloth and dry off excess water with the help of a lint-free towel.

Once the cleaning process is over, plug it back in to see the changes for yourself!



To Sum Up 


There are not many maintenance tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to custom neon signs. It is because these signs are so much safer and convenient than other traditional bulbs and light sources. In addition, they are both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

However, don’t let the robust benefits of the signs keep you away from taking necessary precautions. The maintenance tips mentioned above are easy to wrap your head around and do not demand much time and resources.

If your sign seems to be malfunctioning, it is better to hire the help of a professional.