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How to Choose the Perfect Neon Sign

Continuing to use outdated signage is sure to give you a headache over time. For the reason that there are going to be high energy bills, the installation is going to be difficult, repair and disassembling will be another tough thing to do, and the old-style signs will quickly turn out to be a hassle for you. An LED custom neon sign, on the other hand, bids modern technology that beats other lighting solutions in more than one way. A neon lighting is very easy to set up, lasts a long time, and is also very energy efficient.

If you are thinking of giving the indoors of your house, shop, or any other place a revamp, then a neon sign is the perfect option that requires very little maintenance.

Once you make your decision of making a switch to these neon signs and lighting instead of the traditional lighting, the next step knows what do you want it to look like. By taking a good look at the interiors and exteriors of your place, you can come to a conclusion about what it is that you want to be on display. Given below are certain factors that can help you in making this decision:


  1. How big is Your Property?

If the property you wish to install the neon sign at is 100 feet long (which is considerably big), you will need a long and large neon sign that is noticeable, whether on the inside or outside the property. If nevertheless, your property is only around 40 feet long, a small neon sign will also do. In fact, if you choose a sign that is too big for the premise, it will appear like clutter. The key thing to always keep in mind while choosing the right sign is that the longer your shopfront (if you want the sign to be installed outdoors) or the main wall inside (if you wish to set it indoors), the larger your LED Custom Neon sign has to be.


  1. What Colours Go Well with The Theme of Your Premise?

While we talk about the colour to choose while picking one of the custom neon signs, maybe for your business or household, the first thing to do is look around. The colours that are present in your brand logos or perhaps the colour themes of your house's interiors can be the right colour to choose.

Your customers will be able to recognize and remember your business well if the neon sign has similar colours as your logo. These signs are great for grabbing anyone's attention, and you are sure to get more customers over time. On the other hand, for your home, you can choose almost any color you like, and that goes well with your vibe and the home's vibe. Make it flashy and bright, and it still won't look tacky and bad at all. You are sure to get compliments from your friends the next time they come over, and these are also perfect for your Instagram pictures.



  1. What Message do You Want Your Sign to Convey?

Every neon sign conveys a message, be it by way of a symbol, a brand's tagline, or maybe even a quote. These signs give an aesthetic appeal to the entire area and are great for conveying messages to anyone who reads it.

If you are a business owner, then your brand's tagline, the logo or a product that you sell, or a service that you provide would be just perfect to put to display. You can also put up anything that is relatable to the things you offer or maybe a greeting line. Some business nowadays also makes the main signage of their business that they put outside from neon lights.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something to be put up inside your dorm room, your home, or anywhere else, then you can go with symbols with meanings, motivational quotes, your initials, complete name, or anything else that you like. These signs are a great option to convey a message in a chic way which is also very energy efficient.


  1. What Font to Use for Your Neon Sign?

When you consider what font to use, it is better to go with something that is readable from a distance, especially for a business; for your home, it doesn't matter that much. People are sure to ignore anything that takes them too long to comprehend. So always go for a simple font that makes each and every letter clear to be read, even from a distance. Custom neon signs surely offer much more freedom of design, but people at times choose the fonts that are too made up and flowy that can't be read easily. This must be avoided at all costs.

Keep the letters a little separated and make sure they are not overlapping. Also, make sure that the formation of each letter is done in a way that it is easy to make out what is written on the sign.


  1. What Kind of Images to Add to The Neon Sign?

If you are wondering whether images can be added to a neon sign or not, yes, they can be. But the thing to constantly keep in mind is that the image you add must not be too distracting that it takes the attention of the written part in the sign because the chief message you want to give is in that content. Therefore, images must be added very carefully if you really want them to, or else not. In some cases, adding images can be very beneficial to a business, but again it depends.


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