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Custom Neon Signs vs LED Neon Signs: Which One Should You Choose? 

Neon signs are taking over the world, and their popularity has a lot to do with their plethora of benefits. From a wide choice of colours to affordability, the benefits of custom neon signs and their LED counterparts are endless.

However, some key differences exist between these two types of light sources, making all the difference. What one lacks in energy efficiency more than makes up for it in durability.

Before you bring home a brand-new neon sign, it is better to go through the following information. Then, read on to learn more about the type of neon sign perfectly suited to your needs!


What Are Custom Neon Signs? 


Known for their durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance, custom neon signs are all the rage. They come in the form of long glass tubes which are filled with Gas. Neon is available in abundance, which is why these signs are cost-effective than most others sources of light.

Neon signs started gaining popularity in the 1920s and are used by businesses, bars, shops, etc., to this day. One enlightening fact about these signs is that “neon” is only responsible for producing one-third of the colours, including red, orange, and intense pink. When you mix argon gas with a dollop of mercury, you will get blue, green, yellow, violet, white, and some lighter shades of pink. The signs start to exude a vibrant glow when the electric current comes in touch with the electrodes.



What Are the Advantages of Neon Signs? 


The Gas Enjoys a Long Lifespan custom neon sign is available in a glass tube and is filled with Gas. The Gas can last for a long time and can even produce light effectively for half a century.


  • More Energy-Efficient than Fluorescent Bulbs 

As compared to the latter, neon signs use up much less energy. For example, if you were to keep the sign on for around 12 hours every day, it would use up around 1,752 kWh of power by the end of the year. Meanwhile, a fluorescent bulb will consume 2,672 kWh if used for 12 hours every day in a year.


  • More Cost-Effective than Fluorescent Bulbs 

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that custom neon lights are more affordable than fluorescent bulbs. It is because the former is more energy-efficient in nature.



What Are the Disadvantages of Custom Neon Signs


  • Electrical Parts May Not Be as Durable as the Gas 

As we discussed earlier, the Gas in a custom neon sign can last up to 50 years. However, the same cannot be said about the electrical parts. For instance, the transformer in your neon light may last up to 15 years. The better the quality of these electrical parts, the longer they will last.


  • Not An Effective Source of Light for Outdoor Settings

These custom items do not do well when exposed to outdoor elements such as rain, snow, ice, and so forth. However, you need not worry much if a large roof over the same or an excellent protective covering.


  • May Be Tad Bit Costlier than Custom LED Neon Signs 

It is important to remember that the cost of a custom neon light depends mainly on the size and the intricacies of the design. Moreover, LED signs are comparatively more energy-efficient. Consequently, the latter may put some money back into your pockets.



What Are LED Neon Signs? 


The concept of LED or Light Emitting Diode achieved popularity in the 1990s and has become synonymous with people who are conscious about their choices in the environment.

Custom LED neon signs are made from these small LEDs, put together in a thick plastic backing. This structure can then be bent to form any shape that will cater to the consumer's needs.



What Are the Advantages of LED Neon Signs


  • More Energy-Efficient 

Compared to conventional incandescent lights, LED signs to use up around 75% lesser energy. They are also comparatively more energy-efficient than neon lights.


  • More Durable Than Incandescent Lights 

LEDs can ensure fewer replacement costs on the owner's part as they tend to last 25 times longer than regular incandescent light sources.


  • Best for Outdoor Settings 

LED neon signs are waterproof and can work wonders in outdoor settings like bars, shops, restaurants, etc.


  • More Eye-Catching during Broad Daylight 

LED lights are comparatively more visible during the bright hours of the day and can be used in outdoor settings.



 What Are the Disadvantages of LED Neon Signs? 


  • Not So Bright 

If you want to make your space more vibrant or eye-catching in the dark, an LED neon sign may not be the best choice. The conventional custom neon lights boast more lumens per watt ad compared to LED signs. If you wish to make your space brighter, a custom neon light might be a better choice.


  • Doesn’t Do Well in Fog

LED neon signs don’t cut through the fog as well as conventional neon signs.



Custom Neon Signs vs LED Neon Signs: The Final Verdict 


Your purpose or need is the ultimate deciding factor. If you want your business to have a more authentic vibe and look livelier, you should invest in a custom neon signMoreover, a custom sign is also revered for being energy-efficient and cost-effective than fluorescent sources of light.

While the newer LED lights may be more cost-effective and energy-efficient than custom neon lights, they don’t shine as brightly and won’t attract people in a foggy environment.

Finally, you can take a pick out of both these effective sources of light based on your business needs, budget, location, and more.



To Sum Up 


Both custom neon signs and LED neon signs to come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. While one shines brighter than the other, the other is more suited to energy-conscious people. 

Nonetheless, both the signs are bound to answer all your needs. However, a custom sign is best for those looking for an authentic feel. 

 What are you waiting for then? Bring home a custom sign today!