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Save $100 on premium-quality custom neon signs, two-year warranty and fast delivery.

We spend less on advertising in order to prioritize the best materials for production and ensure customer satisfaction.

Other companies have production timelines with duration over five weeks, whereas we deliver in only two weeks, with free shipping.



Lowest Price (save at least $100)

We spend very little on advertising. That's why we can offer the lowest price in the market.

Fastest Delivery & Free Shipping

We deliver in 2 weeks, with free shipping. We offer one week express shipping. The average duration in the market is 5+ weeks.

Best Material & Safe

We use the best acrylic for our neon signs instead of PVC. Our products are certified as fire-safe.

Handmade & Durable

Every rubber strip, wire, and LED strip is carefully installed and tested repeatedly to ensure durability and quality.

Two Year Warranty

Free replacement if there is a problem. Just throw away the one and we ship you a new one.

Fast Response 

We don't outsource our customer service, so our team will reply to your support request directly and fast.

Brands Who Chose Us


1. How do I install it?

The holes are pre-punched, and the rope is pre-installed. You can hang it directly on the wall.

2. Are your neon signs environmentally friendly?

The new technology used on our neon signs can be up to 10x more energy efficient than the glass neon tubes. It also does not contain neon gas, mercury or other harmful chemicals that can render recycling ineffective.

3.Why is your sign $100 cheaper than its competitors?

You'll notice our prices are $100 cheaper than our competitors, despite the fact that our signs are of the highest quality on the market. If you wonder why, we don't mark up our prices. We only win our customers through good service.

4. Do you have a quick turnaround time?

We provide free shipping and deliver in two weeks. Express shipment takes one week. You'll have to wait six weeks if you choose one of our competitors.